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Event networking with just a swipe. Knockl is looking for event organisers to use their free event app!

We developed Knockl, an app for networking that is particularly handy for events. An intelligent algorithm sorts the participant list for each user by relevance to him or her. So you will quickly find the people you really want to meet at the top of the participant list. After successful testing, we are now looking for event organisers in the Netherlands to use it on their events. The app is entirely free of charge!

Why did you attend your last event?

We all know that networking is the goal to success in any business. The Knockl team also believes that the main reason for someone to attend an event is not to hear the keynote speech. The real reason is to get to know interesting and talented peers, to exchange knowledge about the latest technologies or about ideas that are yet to materialise. The problem we identified: Event networking can be really inefficient because often you do not know who is attending or what the background of all the other attendees is.
Knockl solves these problems by offering a profile-based participant list that will show a different sorting for each user. An intelligent algorithm will show you those participants at the top of the list that are most relevant to you based on what you are looking for.

Focus on simplicity - just a hashtag

Event organisers can register their events on the app and invite their event participants to join with just a hashtag. If a user also participates in another event, he/she can just use the respective hashtag of the other event to see the other participant list.
There is no need to download another event app for each new event - be it from the same event organiser or from a different one. Networking happens with just a swipe which results in a contact request. When this request is accepted by the other participant, then they can chat on the app.

International outreach

After initial testing in the Netherlands and Switzerland, the app has now been booked for events in Switzerland and Germany and we are looking to expand to Dutch events as well. The app is offered free of charge and we are looking forward to making event networking a whole lot more efficient! Please download our app on the App or Play store and visit our website at

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