Simplicate is growing explosively

2016 was a very good year for software startup Simplicate. They received around €1 million in investments, hundreds of new customers signed up for their service, resulting in a 400% revenue increase, and they also more than doubled their number of employees. And for this year, there's also a lot to look forward to.

Simplicate offers simple and smart software that seamlessly works with the way you run your business. Customer contact, project management, billing and hours, it doesn’t have to be boring or overly complicated. In fact, it should be be the exact opposite of complicated. That’s the philosophy founders Peter Hager and Gerard Loode were going for when they came up with their software.

Rapid growth

A year ago, Simplicate announced that the Investment and Development Agency for the Northern Netherlands (NOM) had invested about €1 million in the startup to help them grow rapidly. Co-founder Gerard Loode looks back with pride: “The response to the news was amazing and we were featured in a lot of great articles in national newspapers, magazines and websites. And that also lead to more national and international interest from customers, partners and investors. All in all, it really was a great moment in the history of Simplicate.”

The year flew by, according to Loode: “Which is a really good sign! Sometimes it feels like getting investments are the goal, but of course that’s only the beginning. That’s actually where the real challenge starts. This seemed like a good moment to look at the past developments of last year, but also to look forward to all the great things that are still in store for us.”

“We deliberately chose to grow in a qualitative and controlled way”, Loode continues. “But if you look at the numbers, we’ve really had a great year. We’ve gotten a lot of new customers in online marketing, accountancy and the service industry, and the average size of those companies is growing too. We currently close deals with companies with more than 50 employees far more regularly.”

In need of new talent

Simplicate more than doubled the number of their own employees, from 7 to 15 this past year. But their expectation is that it won’t stop there. “We expect our team to grow to a total of 25 in the coming year. That means we’re still on the lookout for new talent to join us, with a focus on the expanding our sales and marketing team. We also want to invest in new talent in the customer success area, so we can offer even better service to our customers. Besides that, we won’t be based in Groningen alone for much longer, but we’ll be able to talk more about that at a later stage.”

The Groningen based startup has heavily invested in their ‘Simplicate of the future’ behind the scenes this past year. “Which is something we’re still working hard on, so we’ll have a lot of new things to show for in the coming year”, Loode explains. “We recently launched a completely new planning module, a LinkedIn integration, as well as a Google Chrome plugin for tracking hours. There’s a lot more in store too, like a new mobile app for smartphones, which is something our developers are currently working very hard on.”

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Chordify is crowdfunding!

Chordify is crowdfunding!

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