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It’s time for a new adventure

The past few years, I’ve dedicated most of my time trying to connect the ecosystem of Groningen and put the Groningen startup ecosystem on the map. The ecosystem is now better connected and often mentioned as the second best ecosystem of the Netherlands (after Amsterdam). Groningen has achieved this by working together with so many different partners. To me, it proves Groningen is small enough to build strong relationships and is large enough to think big.

I started Founded in Groningen (with fellow founders like Rutger van Zuidam and Mark Vletter) and I’ve been a part of the StartupDelta team representing Groningen since the very beginning. Even though I’ve done all of this with great pleasure, it’s time for something new. I have absolutely no idea what that new thing is going to be, but on January 1, I’ll be leaving Founded in Groningen and StartupDelta. It’s time for a new adventure!

I have absolute confidence in what I leave behind with Founded in Groningen: a fantastic team with great plans in a thriving ecosystem. My successor will have all the freedom to create new connections and plans, as well as continuing other initiatives like Startup in Residence, Founder Factory and Founder Talks.

Thanks to everyone for this great time and I’m looking forward to the next collaboration.

What is Founded in Groningen?

What is Founded in Groningen?

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Meet the Startup in Residence selection

Meet the Startup in Residence selection

The results are in! Out of a total of 26 submissions for Startup in Residence, 8 startups have been selected to join the program. Last Friday at the Groninger Forum, they pitched their ideas and now it high time to roll up sleeves and get cracking on making Groningen and even more awesome place to work and live.