Hanze University in U-Multirank global top 5

The Hanze University of Applied Sciences is number 5 in the world when it comes to the number of newly founded companies by graduates. On March 30, U-Multirank, the largest global university ranking, published a major new release of data, shining a spotlight on high-performing universities. The European ranking compared more than 1,500 universities, from over 90 different countries worldwide.

Boosting entrepreneurship in the region is high up on the Hanze agenda. By 2020, the university wants to create 500 startups and 5000 jobs every year. The Hanze is also currently investing a lot in regional collaboration. Innovation centers where researchers, students and businesses collaborate, are a good example of that, with EnTranCe and the Centre of Expertise for Healthy Aging already up and running.

As far as successful graduate companies go, the textbook example would be HackerOne, founded by former Hanze students Jobert Abma and Michiel Prins. But there are also promising startups founded by students still studying at the Hanze. Here are a few:


AgriFly uses drones to measure the biomass of crops, making it easy to see which crops are growing faster than others. Farmers can use this data to see whether their crops receive too little fertilizer, or too much. The startup is one of the first lucky few to start experimenting with the new 5G mobile network in this year, and in fact is the first Dutch company using 5G for drones.

Agrifly was founded just a little over a year ago by IT student Peter Hooghuis and Business student Wilco Stollenga. In May last year, they received the Audience Choice Award of the Anner Awards for student entrepreneurs.

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Mr. Chadd

Mr. Chadd wants to make it easy and affordable for students to get on demand tutoring and help with homework. With either a subscription or prepaid fee, high school students can get the tutoring they want, when they want it, evenings and weekends included. The app allows them to take a photo of their homework and send voice messages, and within 10 seconds, the students get tailored a response from certified, university level coaches, spread out across the Netherlands.

Founded in 2015 by Accountancy student Jan Kuipers and Kim van der Esch, the company has almost 40,000 users in both the Netherlands and Belgium, who get tailored help from around 100 freelance tutors.

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TrusttheSource was founded in 2016 by Facility Management student Margot Verleg. The company is developing an app and algorithm that evaluates the credibility of social media sources. Trustthesource wants to help stop the spread of fake news, by giving journalists the tools to automatically find and evaluate the original source of a social media post.

Margot received a Take-off UAS grant for her idea and her company was one of the finalists of the Young Business Award. She is also using the so-called Top Entrepreneur regulation, a special educational arrangement for students who also run their own company.

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