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Founded in Groningen is now open for everybody

This is exciting! Right now I am writing my very first blog post on the Founded in Groningen portal. Of course, I already added several companies, calls and initiatives via our back end. But this is different, I added this post through our new front end interface.

You now can add your own content

This means that Founded in Groningen is finally open for everyone to add content and ideas. You can add your own company and publish your own (company) blog posts. Besides that, you can also add events and find workspaces or other supporting initiatives. Just click the ‘Join’ button and get started.

We deleted all old company profiles (on purpose!)…

I’m sorry, we had to delete your old Founded in Groningen company profile. In our previous database, we only collected your company name and a url. Our current profiles are much richer and we decided to make a fresh start. We just don’t want to fill the database with old and incomplete data.

There is much more to come for Founded in Groningen.

There is something else i’m really excited about: earlier this week, we announced the Startup in Residence program. With this program, the City, the Province and companies will act as launching customer for the most promising (startup) solutions. This is a really cool program and a great opportunity for companies in Groningen.

In March you’ll be hearing a lot from us, because we’ve launched a big campaign to welcome companies on our brand new portal. I really hope Founded in Groningen helps you find initiatives, cool events and helps you to shout out your success story to the rest of the world. Together we can put Groningen on the map, so don’t be shy and share your story.

What do you think? Let us know!

In the next weeks, we will continue to improve the Founded in Groningen portal. Please send us your feedback and report bugs, we will fix them as soon as possible. You can find my contact info on both my personal profile and the Founded in Groningen profile. :-)

What are you waiting for? Join the community!

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We’ve got a new website!

We’ve got a new website!

The Founded in Groningen website now has a new look and feel. We’ll be in beta for the next two months, to make sure the site not only looks great, but will work like a charm too. Aside from the redesign, we’ve now added calls for startups and an overview of initiatives. Be sure to check it out!