Bereslim: Digital picture books and educational games for kids

Over 3 million animated picture books viewed by library youth members and more than 900 million mouse clicks and movements worth of data collected. Non profit company Bereslim creates and publishes animated picture books and adaptive, evidence based video games for toddlers & preschoolers.

Bereslim offers digital picture books to stimulate language development, from well known Dutch authors like Max Velthuijs and Yvonne Jagtenberg, with some of the animations made by John Croezen, two time Golden Calf Winner (the most prestigious Dutch film award). They’re voiced by some pretty famous people too, such as Frank Groothof (Sesamstraat), Carice van Houten, Georgina Verbaan and Yvon Jaspers.

Smart and adaptive learning

Bereslim started out as a project of the Molendrift Dutch Association of Mental Health and Addiction Care institution for youth. In 2015, it was turned into a non profit company, with Esther Bright at the helm. All profits and revenue are invested in new content. “I started out in education, so I think quality is by far the most important thing, not making profit,” Esther explains.

The company uses the profits to make around 5 picture books per year, and they currently have a total of 63 books. “We also now have 8 English books for primary school foreign language education”, Bereslim’s publisher Sarah Bonsing adds. “The course material was developed by early foreign language education specialist Froukje Polman.”

The books bring stories to life using animations, voices, sound effects and even a soundtrack. And for optimal encouragement in developing language skills, kids will have to answer questions about the story while it’s being read. Those questions help to learn new words and also to better understand the storyline.

And the result? Kids working with their books learn 5 to 6 new words on average per day, while they would normally learn 2 to 3 new words.

3 million books viewed, 900 million mouse clicks and movements

The books are evidence based and part of ongoing academic research. “We closely work together with the universities of Groningen and Leiden”, Sarah says. “It’s really amazing that scientific research also shows that our educational books and games really work. Six different PhD research projects were based on our work, with a seventh still being conducted.”

The books and games are also also adaptive; Bereslim monitors playing and mouse behaviour and is able to offer customized follow up questions. And of course this also results in a lot of valuable data for future research. “We’ve collected over 900 million mouse movements and clicks so far”, Sarah continues. “And late last year, we also celebrated a really great milestone, because our books were viewed over 3 million times in libraries and 11 million times overall! And this year will also be very interesting, because we will be taking the first steps in AR and VR.”

Interested in the course material? Drop them a line at info@bereslim.nl or check out the website.

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