Mr. Chadd semi finalist for the Accenture Innovation Awards

Tutoring chat platform and app Mr. Chadd made it all the way to the semifinals of the Accenture Innovation Awards, in the Skills to Succeed Category. On September 26 they’ll be doing an elevator pitch in front of the jury in Amsterdam, where the finalists will be selected. Mr. Chadd is also in the running for the audience favorite award and you can vote for them here, with your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account .

Founded by Jan Kuipers and Kim van der Esch in January 2015, Mr. Chadd currently has over 35.000 users and is operating in the both the Netherlands and Belgium. The startup also won the Anner Award earlier this year. The tutoring app and platform is currently for high school students, but the startup is also in talks with several applied science universities (HBO) and city colleges (MBO).

On demand tutoring

Mr. Chadd wants to make it easy and affordable for students to get on demand tutoring and help with homework. Because of the changing landscape of high school education, students have to become increasingly self reliant when doing their homework, as well as needing higher grades to get admitted to certain university bachelor programmes.

With either a subscription or prepaid fee, high school students can get the tutoring they want, when they want it, evenings and weekends included. The app allows them to take a photo of their homework and send voice messages, and within 10 seconds, the students get tailored help from certified, university level coaches, spread out across the Netherlands.

Accenture Innovation Awards

Out of 800 submissions, Mr. Chadd was selected last week as one of the ten finalists in the Skills to Succeed Category of the Accenture Innovation Awards, a prestigious national award. On September 26, after a series of elevator pitches in Amsterdam, the jury, consisting of high level professionals and politicians, will select five finalists per category. On October 28, during the Accenture Innovation Summit, the final winners will be selected.

Want to help the startup from Groningen win the audience favorite prize too? Just go to the Accenture website and give them your vote!

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