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Stock Trading Seminar

If you have zero to 3 years trading experience and looking to understand how day trading works, what return to expect when day trading part time or gain some extra trading knowledge you will for sure be interested in our 2,5 hour example rich discussion. The technical fundamentals we will share can be applied to day-trading the stock market, indices (CFDs), Forex, cryptocurrencies and commodities.

We’ll start @ 19:00, wrap up @ 21:30 & cover the following topics:

1. What additional income to expect when day trading part time

2. How financial markets work

3. Stock Chart Basics
- How to read stock charts
- How to read candle-stick charts
- What is support and resistance

4. Trading Basics Part 1
- How to calculate your risk vs. reward
- How to limit losses & set profit targets

5. Trading Basics Part 2
-How to “long” and “short” stocks and CFDs to take advantage of both the upward and downward price movement
- How to determine your trade entry & exit points based on technical indicators

6. Trading examples
- A live example of executing a trade
- How to adjust your risk and reward levels
- Multiple examples of stock trades from entrance to exit

What this seminar is not:
- Financial advice
- A value investment seminar: we won't discuss how to research & evaluate companies for long term investment
- A seminar you need to wear a suit for: dress casually and we'll have a good discussion. Most importantly you get value out of it

We only really have 10 spots for this one, so secure your spot by registering on Eventbrite or send us an email on GroningenTrader@gmail.com


Hope to see you on the 19th!

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