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Mengvoer: Democratie & Bier in de genen

2 speakers, 2 topics, 0 coherence? Speakers on subjects that at first glance have nothing to do with each other go together with the public to find a common basis.

Two speakers get 30 minutes each for their own story, without making a connection with each other. Afterwards, the speakers and the public get in touch and drinks new ideas that can go in all directions.

1 - Democracy Ft. Geerten Waling
Geerten is co-author of the book "Gemeente in de Genen" which translates to: "Municipality in your genes". Traditions and future of local democracy in the Netherlands.

2 - Beer in the genes Ft. Sofie Vanrafelghem
Sofie is a master beer sommelier. Her mission is to put the Belgian beer in the spotlight. Writer of four books on beer.

The evening is in Dutch.

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