Jessica Mills

Jessica Mills added an event 13 06 2018


Join the Spring of Design

This is the start of something special, something new. For the first time, we're going to organize the Spring of Design in Groningen, a four week programme where you can apply your skills as a design thinker and be a creative catalyst for change in Groningen

Do you want to use the principles of Design Thinking to create impact and change right here in Groningen? Then apply to the Spring of Design. Register now, for seats are limited.

Together we will grow your creative capacities to get innovation started, meet new people, extend your network and collaborate on a design challenge in Groningen. We are working together with an amazing group of people from different design agencies, local governments, academic institutions and local businesses.

Join us now, as an individual or as a team, and become part of a movement for change in Groningen.

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