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Health - Track Deep Dive

The Track Deep Dives are the direct and ultimate preparation events for the Blockchaingers Hackathon, April 5-8, 2018. In this Deep Dive, you will focus on one of the Tracks only.

Set up Deep Dive

University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)
UMCG wants to achieve a self-sovereign and personal health record for everyone. There are many organizations a person has to deal with regarding his or her health. General practitioners, pharmacists, specialists and hospitals, but also regulators, governments and insurance companies are involved with the personal health record. In the current situation, medical health records are not in the possession of the person they apply to. Current medical records are likely incomplete and unevenly distributed along several files. This makes them vulnerable to mistakes, which might lead to medical problems.

Another important part of the work of UMCG is scientific health research. Currently, UMCG has the largest biobank and study on healthy ageing in Europe with their Lifelines project. Lifelines has health data of 167.000 participants which has been studied upon for 30 years. Is it possible to decentralize these records, by building a Kickstarter for Scientific Research, where every participant can decide where and when to give their data for research?

15.00 Walk-in
15.30 Opening and welcome by Henk Snapper, CFO of UMCG
15.35 Introduction Health sector by Victor Verrijp, Head of Policy at UMCG
15.50 Blockchain developments in the Health-sector by Johan Sellström & Stefan Farestam co-founders CareChain
16.20 Ethics & Blockchain by Ehtics & Technology department of TU Delft
16.55 Break
17.20 The Blockchaingers Hackathon, by Stefan Kunst, Innovation Lead at the Blockchaingers
17.35 Presentation and discussion of Blockchaingers Hackathon challenges by Marco Scherer, CTO of UMCG
18.30 Drinks & Bites
19.00 End

Moderation by Jeroen van Rooden, CIO of UMCG


Every Track Deep Dive will have
1. An introduction in the specific domain by the track sponsor(s).
2. An expert speaker on blockchain developments in the specific domain of the track.
3. An explanation of the Hackathon by The Blockchaingers.
4. Discussing the proposed challenges set by the track sponsor. These are 0.9 versions, so lots of room for questions in making the challenge perfectly clear, resulting in more and better background information from the domain and the sponsor and specific API's and data-sets to work with.
5. Drinks & Bites, connecting the track sponsor(s) and the teams.

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