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Jessica Mills added an event 19 12 2017


Girls who like code

The seventh edition of Girls Who Like Code! We'll get a little insight into the (local) game development industry, but of course, you can work on any project you like! Join the group of girls/ women who like to create things.

What on the program?

This edition is hosted and sponsored by Indietopia, an indie game development hub in Groningen.

Just bring your own hardware (laptops!) and we'll provide snacks, drinks and gezelligheid!

19:00 Welcome!
19:15 Introductions
19:20 Flash talk (to be announced) with room for questions & discussion
19:30 Work on your own projects/tutorials. Ask all the questions you have and share your work with others
21:45 Closing round and goodbyes

<3 Looking forward to seeing you all there! <3

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