Founder Factory: The ways of Accounting and Tax

The next Founder Factory is powered by Ernst & Young.
They will share all the ins and outs to make you a financial king or queen ruling your financial administration!
Always struggling with accounting and VAT? Of course we know that both are an administrative burden for all of you!
At EY we are dealing every day with these subjects. In our workshop ‘Accounting and tax’ we will take you through the main issues and principles of VAT and accounting.

Questions that will be answered during our workshop are:

- When do I have to deal with VAT?
- How should my administration/invoices look like?
- How should I file a VAT return?

If you are dealing with any specific issues, please let us know upfront so we can take it into account in the workshop.

About Mike Wanders:
My name is Mike Wanders (27). I have 5 years’ experience in accountancy with additional experience in IT auditing. The most important goal in my work is: getting the entrepreneur to a higher level.

About Stefan Peijpers:
My name is Stefan Peijpers (29) and I’m working within the Indirect Tax team of EY Groningen. Biggest part of my job contains of advising our national/international clients how to deal with Dutch VAT. Furthermore we will take care of the preparation of Dutch VAT returns and other related compliance work.

We're looking forward to meet you on the 16th of April!

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