Founder Factory: Client Validation

Are you an entrepreneur wanting to pick up new and practical skills you can apply the very next day in your (startup) company? Founder Factory is a series of workshops for young entrepreneurs hosted by various initiatives and companies from Groningen.

The fifth edition of the Founder Factory will take place at the Gemeente Groningen from 15.30 till 17.30.

This Founder Factory is completely sponsored and hosted by the Gemeente Groningen.

Lucky you! This means the regular contribution is covered and you can participate with no costs.

To keep you going and the motors run smoothly, we will provide snacks and some drinks!

Client Validation

Life's too short to build something nobody wants.

In the fifth edition, we will focus on Client Validation. How do you build the right product? Easy: by talking to your customers. With use of the experiments used in this workshop, you will get familiar with methods to listen to your customer and discover their actual needs. Furthermore, you will be provided with methods to test your assumptions and get to the actual "client-problem-solution triangle" to make sure you provide the right product to help the customer solve the real problem.

Not to worry, we will provide snacks to keep you going!

About Jos van Essen:

Loves bringing tech & business together. As a product manager he works with ambitious teams to ship awesome products. He also works with Lean startup tactics & methodologies to coach people validating their ideas and building the right product.

Cost No-show policy

Because of the limited number of spots and because it is a shame if fellow entrepreneurs are not able to join because of this, we have a no-show policy for our free workshops.

If you do have a ticket, but don’t show up we will charge €50. You are welcome to transfer your ticket to someone else, you are still responsible for that person showing up. Please do let us know if you give away your ticket so we can make the proper arrangements.

* The event will be in English unless there are only Dutch participants.*

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