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11-03-2019 09:15 - 12-03-2019 19:00
2 days

Beta Business days

The Beta Business Days is a unique free two-day career event for all students at the Faculty of Science & Engineering of the University of Groningen. The event gives more than 5000 students in the Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD programme the opportunity to investigate their career prospects and make contacts that could lead to an internship, a thesis project or even a job.

Activities Beta Business days

During the Beta Business Days you will be able to participate in a variety of activities. During these activities, you will have to perfect opportunity to orientate yourself about your future.

Business Presentations

These 50-minute long presentations are a good way to get an impression of the company and its career opportunities.

Case studies

During a case, you encounter what a company actually does. You will work in a team to solve a case problem.

Business Speed dates

During speed dates, you rotate every 10 minutes to a new company. This way you get a fast view of what different companies have to offer.

Individual interviews

An individual meeting gives you the opportunity to speak half an hour with a company recruiter. This often leads to master project internships but can also serve as a job interview.

Business Lunch

During the business lunch, you will have the chance to network with employees with a company of your interest to find out more about their company climate.

Business Expo

During the business expo, you can visit companies at their stand and get to know them. Companies will organize interesting activities at their stand such as table football and virtual reality experiences. Openings speaker On March 11 there will be an interesting openings speaker at 9:15 to start of this two day event. Besides these activities, the Beta Business Days offers other activities like a lunch expo where you can take your LinkedIn photo or get your CV checked, free coffee, snacks & lunch, workshops and free drinks at the end of each day.


The deadline of enrolling for the activities which require CV selection (such as cases and interviews) is March 3 2019. Other activities are open for enrollment until the 7th of March!

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