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Next Level (un)Conference of the Odyssey Hackathon 2019.

We are getting together to wrap up the season and explore the "next level", at the Odyssey Next Level (un)Conference at Brightlands SSC on June 27th in Heerlen.

We invite you to join!

Connect with these hackathon teams in the following (un)Conference sessions:

How to increase relevance and impact with users (Ron Kreutzer, team Pillar).
How to work with stakeholders to get to adoption (Daud Zulfacar, team Topia).
How to personally transform and reach breakthrough moments (Michiel Heij, team Socialtec).
The Open Session: about everything and nothing (Aleksandar Shopski, team The Future Firefighters).
Social impact and future applications of Web3 technologies (Sasha Kolupaev, team Tradisys).
Basics of ethics and moral philosophy in tech (Michiel Kemmer, team pFTW).

The Odyssey team, too, has prepared some sessions for you:

Create your own protocol investment vehicle (Rutger van Zuidam, CEO & Founder Odyssey).
How to develop your solution's ecosystem? (Victoria Ous, Incubation Lead).
How to use the hackathon to put your brand in the spotlight (Mariia Stolyga, PR Lead)
The Next Level Driver & Killer Wall (Stefan Kunst, Innovation Lead and Anna Atamas, Community Manager)

Please remember that, next to these, everyone is welcome to host a session at the Odyssey (un)Conference. If you have a great topic in mind and would like to share your ideas with the Odyssey ecosystem, send the title to our Community Manager Anna Atamas, and she will contact you.

For the full list of sessions and the event program, please visit our website.

Blockchaingers Next Level Conference - 100 days of acceleration - Partners

Blockchaingers Next Level Conference - 100 days of acceleration - Partners

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